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  • Ethiopia plane crash: Irish aid worker Michael Ryan among 157 killed

    An Irish aid worker was among 157 people on board an airline that crashed minutes after take-off from the Ethiopian capital yesterday.

    The Ethiopian Airlines flight to Nairobi reported difficulties during its ascent and the captain issued a distress call shortly before contact was lost at 8.44am. The aircraft crashed about 40 miles from Addis Ababa near the town of Bishoftu with 149 passengers and eight crew on board. There were no survivors. Witnesses reported an intense fire after it came down.

  • Ethiopian Airlines crash: Seven Britons among dead

    Airlines started grounding fleets of Boeing 737 Max 8 aircraft today after an Ethiopian flight crashed yesterday killing 157 people.

    Comair, a South African-based franchise of British Airways, confirmed that it was grounding its 737 Max 8 pending the outcome of an investigation, with similar action being taken by aviation authorities in China, Ethiopia and Indonesia, where a 737 Max 8 crashed last year.

  • Jason Spindler, who saved 9/11 victims, is killed in Kenya terror attack

    An American businessman who helped to pull survivors from the rubble after the World Trade Center attacks in New York on 9/11 was among 21 people murdered by terrorists in a Kenyan hotel.

    Jason Spindler, who would have turned 41 this week, died along with 16 Kenyans, one Briton, an Australian, a Ghanaian and one unidentified person of African origin. Twenty-eight people are in hospital.

  • Inside Nairobi’s Slum Tourism Boom

    Thanks to its white sandy beaches and world-famous parks, Kenya is a must-visit for many of the world’s travelers. Nairobi, however, champions storytelling as a way to spread its rich culture, and has been at the center of a trend emerging roughly a decade ago called poverty or slum tourism.

  • Living the double life: behind the lies of women’s daily lives in Egypt

    As the 20-hour siege of the dusitD2 hotel complex ended on Wednesday morning, security forces were combing the city, and survivors and residents were reeling from the attack.

    Kenyan president Uhuru Kenyatta says the “terrorists” have been “eliminated” after the atrocity left 14 dead, including one British citizen, a development worker called Luke Potter.



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